Live Webinar: HashiCorp and One Identity

Live Webinar: HashiCorp and One Identity

Live Webinar: HashiCorp and One Identity
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Join Senior Developer Advocate Robert Barnes and Software Architect Dan Peterson to learn how HashiCorp and One Identity help secure your DevOps environment on August 18th.

The DevOps movement has taken organizations by storm. The move to build automation, and continuous integration and deployment, allows companies to be more agile, but security must still be paramount.

Today, developers leverage automation tools, use configuration/infrastructure as code and deploy solutions via orchestration frameworks instead of traditional IT infrastructure. This speed, flexibility and agility is great, but all of this DevOps innovation requires that this critical IP to remain carefully guarded.

DevOps secrets have different characteristics than privileged accounts. Treating them with the same old PAM approach doesn’t work. It prevents developers from using their favorite DevOps tools, and causes friction, and can result in vulnerabilities and compliance issues.

What you will learn
Attend this live webinar to learn how next-gen PAM solutions can integrate seamlessly with DevOps secrets stores to provide a secure and complete solution. Join Dan Peterson, principal engineer at One Identity, and HashiCorp’s Rob Barnes as they:

  • Highlight DevOps trends
  • Discuss the relationship between DevOps and PAM
  • Demo the integration between One Identity Safeguard and HashiCorp Vault